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About Us

We will provide a comprehensive service that will support your situation and deliver solutions within a best practice framework. We are committed to providing excellence in service, process, performance and systems

Our Team

Katrina Bailey

Director of BC & T P/L

Katrina is the Director of BC & T P/L – and specializes in  business development, risk, clinical governance and is the lead application developer  of BC & T P/L CIDA Program - The Incident and Risk IT program

She has over 20 years in the industry and works with companies at all levels. She believes in transformational  changes through inspiring leadership.

Rex Eagle

Director of BC & T P/L

Rex is the Director of BC & T P/L – and specialises in  business development, sales and administration.

Rex has many years in the area of business development, sales and service.

What is CIDA’s digital platform?
CIDA is a cloud based program you can log in from any computer or tablet
Is training and support included with the program?
Training is provided with CIDA onboarding and can be organised at any time
Is the program able to be linked with online programs?
The program can import data from other programs – this can be set up provided the IT system is compatible and is an added module
How is the data displayed?
The data is displayed through dashboards and reports
How is the data inputted?
Key staff are trained within your organization to input the data and analyze the data
How do I use the survey module ?
Survey links can be email to customers and consumers